Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Drawing ability. Lack of.

My mum paints really good watercolour pictures, but I haven't inherited her artistic ability. I remember my dad telling me about when his school was preparing the backdrops for a play, each pupil in his class was allocated an animal to paint; apparently his llama looked like a dog... the first attempt did anyway. The second, third and fourth weren't much better. I can't remember if he ever managed to get a llama painted in time for the first night, but I think he got a detention.

I've just revisited a previous post of mine to incorporate a better different graphic, that illustrates better the 3 factors of blood sugar control. I wanted to have an infographic (for great examples, see here) that showed the interaction between carbohydrate intake, insulin and exercise in controlling blood sugar for a type 1 diabetic. What I ended up with was something that looks like a 9 year old "created" in paint.Net.

I could have said it was a minimalist, cubist, post-modern interpretation that succinctly conveys the hourly struggle of a chronic disease sufferer. In fact, I'm just really bad at art.

My 1983 art report says "Mark's cheerful demeanour, and merry greeting as he trots into the artroom, amply compensate for the somewhat bizarre offerings that trickle from his pencil or brush." I expect that if Mrs Veale reads my blog, she'll be turning in her grave.